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15.2.2018: Archiviarum is out!23.3.2017: Our new album: "On We Sail" will be out in a few weeks21.4.2016: "Lost and Found" is out !29.8.2014: CDs have finally arrived !18.8.2014 Unfortunately we are facing a delay... The freight company told us that the CDs are lost ! Yes, you got it right! We certainly hope they will find them soon and if not, a new press will be made. So, everyone who preordered the CD will get his/her copy - sooner or later. We are very sorry about this but it is definitely out of our reach.19.6.2014: "The Imperial Hotel" - The Samurai of Prog's third album will be released in July!Also Decameron 2 (4 CD-box set including tracks from TSOP, Robert Webb and Steve Unruh) will be relased in July by Musea.20.5.2013: TSOP IN PINK FLOYD TRIBUTE"More Animals at the Gates of Reason - A Tribute to Pink Floyd" is a double CD released on AMS Records and exclusively distributed by BTF. The album comes in papersleeve format, with a beautiful artwork-collage that recalls the various productions of Waters & Co. The Samurai of Prog participates the project with a special mix of "Dogs" with bunch of wondeful guests: Roine Stolt, Guy LeBlanc, Jon Davison, Michael Manring and Risto Salmi. CD can be ordered here. 3.5.2013: Secrets of Disguise is out! Please check "New CD" - page!12.12.2012: The Stories of H.P. Lovecraft - a syNphonic collection is out now!www.musearecords.comColossus Projects and Musea have teamed up once again to produce a stunning 3-CD set with 64-page booklet that pays homage to Lovecraft’s legacy with 20 original compositions.An inspired and exciting musical journey through “weird fiction” as explored by twenty modern progressive rock bands from around the globe (for example Glass Hammer, Nexus, Unitopia and Guy Le Blanc). Three discs, includes a gorgeous 64-page booklet. Of interest to all fans of modern progressive rock, and essential to prog fans who love science fantasy with a dark twist!The Samurai Of Prog opens with Steve Unruh's 14-minute Epic: “The Case of Charles Dexter Ward”.25.08.2012: The Second CD of The Samurai of Prog "Secrets of Disguise" is due to be released soon!(Artwork by Davide Guidoni: The Samurai of Prog will participate on “THE DECAMERON part 1”, a quadruple CDs box-set including 33 international bands covering the first 33 novellas of Boccaccio’s collection of 100 tales. This mammoth Musea release will hit the streets in November 2011.9.7.2011: UNDERCOVER IS OUT! We are to happy to inform that Musea has released The Samurai of Prog's Undercover-CD. It can be ordered from Musea or from Seacrest Oy.31.5.2011: THE FLOWER KINGS TRIBUTE IS OUT!Musea has just released "A Flower Full of Stars - a Tribute to The Flower Kings" - a 4 CD Box set. The Samurai of Prog plays "World of Adventures" - featuring Richard Marichal on keyboards, Jaan Jaanson on guitar, Risto Salmi on sax and Finnish bass artist Jan-Olof Strandberg joining bass with Marco. This is not the same version as in the Undercover-CD. The CD Box set can be ordered here.'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''“The Samurai of Prog” was born as a project led by Marco Bernard with rotating guest musicians for the second “Tuonen Tytär” (2009 by Musea/Colossus), to which he contributed his version of “Colossus” by Wigwam accompanied by Yesterdays and Daal. in “Rökstenen: a Tribute to Swedish Progressive Rock of the ’70s” (again in 2009) he recorded a version of “Drottningholmsmusiken, Sats 1” by Blaakulla; in “Cani arrabbiati” (2010), a tribute to the soundtracks of Italian movies and TV series of the 1970, The Samurai of Prog played the theme giving the title to the whole collection (composed by Stelvio Cipriani) accompanied by Richard Marichal, Davide Guidoni, Bobo Aiolfi and Raimundo Rodulfo. In 2010 The Samurai of Prog recorded “Assassing” by Marillion (in a different version from the one found on "Undercover") for the Mellow Records “Recital for a Season’s End” tribute album. It has now become a proper band with the addition of Kimmo Pörsti and Steve Unruh.