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Secrests of Disguise is The Samurai of Prog's second CD. Marco, Steve and Kimmo are joined in this double CD by many wonderful guests such as Jon Davison, Robert Webb, Roine Stolt, Guy LeBlanc, Eduardo G. Saluena, Linus Kåse, Mark Trueack, David Myers, Lalo Huber, Akos Bogati-Bokor, Alan Shikov and many, many others. The list of instruments is even wider than in Undercover: this time there is for example string quartet, bassoon and vibraphone.

CD101 Three Piece Suite02 Sweet Iphigenia03 Descenso en el Maelstrom04 Before the Dance05 Dancing with the Moonlit Knight06 Aspirations07 Traveler08 Sameassa Vedessä09 One More Red Nightmare10 To Take Him Away11 Time and a Word

CD201 Singring and the Glass Guitar02 Darkness03 Jacob's LadderBonus track04 The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (alternative version)

Listen to some excerpts here: